In today’s fast paced and ever-changing life the product life cycle has become shorter than ever. People want something new everyday and they want to it fast.
This is where vacuum forming comes into the picture; it quickly brings your ideas into reality with very low investment as compared to injection molding.
Some of the advantages over Injection molding :
Quick results. In certain cases moulds can be done as quickly as a day, and sample is ready the next day!
Where product life–cycle is short.
Where early investment is difficult.
If the product is still in testing and design changes may be needed.
If the quantity is less. From as low as single quantity to ‘n’ quantity can be done.
Acrylic, HIPS, ABS, PVC, Polycarbonate, PET-G and other thermo-formable products.

Some of the products and applications of vacuum forming :

Housing or outer body for electronic machines like security, weighing scale, billing, bio-testing machines etc
Luxury Bus plastic body parts (interior / exterior)
Deep Freezers and refrigeration liners
Sign Boards and danglers
Rear spoilers for Cars and other accessories
Headlights and other customized car parts catering specially to car designers
Backs for office chairs
Toy cars
Pharmaceutical Machinery Guards
Medical training equipment and medical signage of body parts
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